Healing Hearts Psychic Surgeons have been providing healing for a number of years now but only recently has the healing ability been transformed.

During this time all of the healers have been given Psychic Surgeon guides to work with them to treat people with varying conditions regardless of severity.

The Psychic Surgeon guides provide healing to each patient as required and can continue that treatment absently if necessary.

Psychic Surgery Healing Centre

The centre is open from 7-10pm on the 1st Thursday of every month except December.  Before attending, please phone 07455 227100 to confirm that we are open.

Anyone requiring treatment should arrive by 8.00pm to ensure enough time for treatment.

Everyone will have to complete a signed consent form before treatment can begin. Children under the age of sixteen will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Free hot or cold drinks will be available if required.

There is a minimum donation of £5 to cover the cost of hall hire and any surplus will go to our charities.

Psychic surgery is completely non evasive and no cutting of the physical body takes place. All the work is carried out mainly on the Etheric body which is the innermost layer of the human aura. Changes made in the Etheric body are later manifested into the physical body. If any negative / bad energy is present during the healing process it will be destroyed.

No removal of clothing apart from outer coats is necessary.

We can be contacted between 9am-6pm Monday to Friday or you can leave a message on 07455 227100.

Psychic Surgery Healing on Tuesdays

Psychic surgery healing is also available free of charge on Tuesday as well at our weekly spiritual centre. There are however limited spaces available between 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm and there will be a £4 entry charge to come into the centre. The entry charge also includes an evening of clairvoyance as well as hot and cold refreshments.


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All donations received for energy removal / absent healing will go towards our 4 charities.