Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing Service (Negative Energy Removal)


Negative/Bad Energy Removal 
Spiritual Attachments removed
Spiritual House Clearances
Spiritual Rescues (cross overs)
Healing following bad energy removal


All donations received for energy removal / absent healing will go towards our 4 charities.

If your house makes you feel uncomfortable, and you have cold spots, unexplained smells, spiritual attachments that make you feel depressed, anxious or in pain, or any of the above; then speak to Colin, Ian or Jean because you may require healing following removal of bad energy spirits.

All we need from you is the address or postcode and the name of the person involved and our Guides are capable of removing any bad energies or unwanted spirits from you or your property remotely.  

NB - We DO NOT need to visit your home in order to do a clearance and we DO NOT charge for this service. If anyone turns up at your home claiming to be from Healing Hearts asking to come into your home or asking for money please DO NOT let them in and phone the police.