About Us


The Healing Hearts Spiritual Centre is run by Colin West and a team of wonderful helpers who give their time freely so that you can enjoy a superb evening!

We work completely for the good of helping other people and all proceeds taken at the centre, over and above our running costs are donated to local charities.


The Centre originally opened at The Brentwood Leisure Centre in November 2010.  As the centre became established, the word soon spread fast.    

However, a year down the line in November 2011 and after successfully celebrating our first year anniversary; we were advised that we needed to find alternative accommodation as the leisure centre wanted to use our area for a drinks bar for a winter ice rink.

With only 3 weeks before our last night we searched frantically – contacting over 90 venues both in and around the Brentwood area and neighbouring London boroughs.  We also visited half a dozen potential venues that turned out to be not suitable for our requirements. 

Still to no avail – we finally discovered The Bulphan Village Hall (our new home) and felt that this venue would be absolutely ideal for what we need.

We’ve been at Bulphan now since the 30th November 2011 and loving every minute of it.  If you’ve not been to the centre before and are reading this now – why not come along when we’re next open and see how we try to make a difference in people’s lives.

So where did the idea for the centre come from?

In 2006 a friend took me along to a spiritual church for the first time.  Naturally I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect – but the medium came to me with a very deep and evidential message from my granddad that had passed over in 2005.  As my fascination grew, I began to attend a local spiritual centre in Grays on a weekly basis. 

In 2007 I became a volunteer at a local spiritual centre which is where my knowledge of the Spirit World slowly began to grow. Initially I would help out on the odd occasion by chairing the demonstration of clairvoyance for that evening.  During this time I would actively pass on messages to my parents that I received from mediums.  In the end curiosity got the better of them and they began to attend with me every week.

After a short time at the centre I was given the opportunity to train as a spiritual healer.  My training took me on a whole new journey, one which involved patience, trust and faith.  During this time I also joined my first spiritual development circle – where my spiritual potential started to unfold.  As I spoke of my experiences and the things that had happened in the development my parents became interested, and joined the development circle too.

Once my training was complete I then progressed to a fully registered spiritual healer and then healer trainer. 

From my involvement with spirit in 2007, I had always fostered the ambition to open a spiritual centre of my own one day for like-minded people to come together, but also to raise people’s awareness and understanding of an afterlife beyond the physical death.

In June 2008, I joined a new spiritual centre which had just opened and offered to put together a healing section for those who were attending.  As the sole healer there to begin with, I worked hard every week to raise people’s awareness of healing but was also privileged to see those who were receiving real comfort and benefit from the experience of healing. 

During this time, my parents were offered the opportunity to train and develop as spiritual healers.  They began to undertake their training until they both progressed to fully registered spiritual healers.

All I can say is that the Spirit World works in mysterious ways and in February 2010 I was asked by the chairman of the healing association I’m registered with; if I would help revive a healing section in a local spiritual centre.  A little uncertain at the time I decided to embrace the opportunity and I have to say that to this day I thoroughly loved and enjoyed the healing work that I and my parents provided at that centre. 

Plus, this time the process of setting up the healing section was easier because I had already been through the experience once before and I was able to anticipate what would be needed to pull it all together.

In May 2010 I was inspired by Spirit during meditation to open my own spiritual centre.  During this time I was given a name for the centre: “Healing Hearts” and advised that all funds from the centre (outside of running costs) should be donated to a local charity.

After a lot of hard work, organisation and support from both my family and friends – the Healing Hearts Spiritual Centre opened its doors to the public on Tuesday 2nd November 2010.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the centre that we have created for you.



Ian & Jean